International Conference on LGBT Human Rights of the 1st World Outgames on the 29th of July 2006

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights



Support, endorsements etc.


Declaration [english, pdf]

Declaration [francais, pdf]
[traduction provisoire]

Declaración [espagnol, pdf]

Declaració [catalan, pdf]

Deklarasi [bahasa, pdf]


As far as we are informed, the following institutions have endorsed the Declaration of Montreal:

Elected bodies

  • the Borough Council of Downtown Montréal (Conseil d’Arrondissement Ville-Marie)
  • the City Council of Montréal
  • the City Council of Brighton (UK)
  • the City Council of San Francisco (US)
  • City Council of Barcelona (Spain)
  • City Council of Denver (US)

Furthermore, in the following elected bodies a proposal to endorse the Declaration of Montreal was put on the agenda:

  • House of Commons, Canada
City Councils
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Munich, Germany
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Political parties

The following political parties have endorsed the Declaration:

  • New Democratic Party, Canada
  • New Democratic Party, Québec branch
  • Bloc Québécois, Canada

And in the following parties endorsing the Declaration is placed on the agenda:

  • The Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland

Furthermore, the Dutch Social-Democratic delegation in the European Parliament has endorsed the Declaration and is currently also working to put the Declaration on the agenda of the whole group of Social-Democratic parties in the European Parliament.

Other organisations

  • FNV, the largest trade union confederation in the Netherlands, and
  • 'Schools Out' [UK] has also endorsed the Declaration of Montreal and has proposed to the National Union of Teachers and to the Trade Unions Congress to do the same.
  • British Columbia (Canada) Government and Service Employees' Union The BCGEU will:
    - Endorse and promote the National Day Against Homophobia every year; and
    - Endorse the Declaration of Montreal and the Workers' Out Plan of Action; and
    - Oppose the Harper Conservative government's re-opening of the same-sex marriage debate in the House of Commons; and
    - Call upon the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) and the BC Federation of Labour to do the same on all of these


Workers Out!





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